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The first edition of the Bucharest Harp Festival was organized in October 2007.

Maestro Ion Ivan Roncea is the Founding Director of the Bucharest Harp Festival, being the organizer of the first Harp Festival and the first Harp Exhibition in Romania, and Honorary President of the Romanian Harpists Association. 

Ion Ivan Roncea, Founding Director of the Bucharest Harp Festival

Ion Ivan Roncea distinguished himself as one of Romania’s most popular musicians, playing with all the Philharmonic Orchestras in his country, and performing numerous recitals. 

Among the important distinctions we mention: 

  • Cultural Merit, Romania, 2004
  • Lily Laskine Award of the Harp Renaissance Society, USA, 1984
  • First Prize of the Sixth International Harp Contest in Israel, 1976

He played also in prestigious music festivals, such as: the Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Godollo, Maastricht, Cardiff, La Coruna, Bucharest George Enescu and World Harp Congresses in The Netherlands, Israel, Austria, France and the Czech Republic. Read more.

The Romanian Harpists Association was founded in 2016. On this occasion, the organization of the Bucharest Harp Festival was resumed with an extended team. Maestro Ion Ivan Roncea was joined by:

  • Roxana Moișanu, Founding President of the Romanian Harpists Association (RHA) 
  • Florin Dinu, Founding Vice President of RHA
  • Alina Danciu, Founding Secretary General of the RHA

The organizing team of the Bucharest Harp Festival was supported by the festival’s host, the University of Music Bucharest, where the three editions organized so far took place. At the same time, the three editions of the Festival benefited from the presence of some of the most important harp companies such as: 

The main purpose of the Bucharest Harp Festival is to promote the harp in Romania, by stimulating interest in the harp, music, culture, developing imagination, perpetuating cultural, national and international values, by educating children, young people and all citizens interested in the arts and of music.

During all editions of the Bucharest Harp Festival, harp students were able to benefit from free harp masterclasses, benefiting from the value and experience of internationally recognized harpists such as:

  • Chantal Mathieu
  • Ion-Ivan Roncea 
  • Maria Bîldea 
  • Viktor Hartobanu
  • Rita Hartobanu
  • Stasha Grujic