Press release Bucharest Harp Festival 2018

Bucharest Harp Festival 2018, 3rd Edition
CAMAC Harps Exhibition
Papfalvy Harps-Hàrfamives Exhibition
26th – 28th of October 2018

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Between 26th – 28th of October 2018 the National University of Music Bucharest and Romanian Harpists Association will organize the 3rd Edition of Bucharest Harp Festival.
Bucharest Harp Festival will host Harp Exhibitions of CAMAC Harps from France and Papfalvy Harps-Hàrfamives from Hungary.
The Festival is a harp celebration and gathers Romanian harpists and international guests from France, Hungary, Greece, Germany, Republic of Moldova and Italy. The aim of the Festival is to promote the harp within the young generation.
During the Festival, harpists students will have the opportunity to attend in masterclasses, free of charge, benefiting from the value and experience of internationally recognized harpists.
On this occasion, the Festival will celebrate over 125 years of harp in Romania.
The program of Bucharest Harp Festival will include the following: recitals, masterclass, workshop, symposium and the harp exhibition.


We would like to introduce you to few highlights of the Bucharest Harp Festival:

Friday, 26th of October, 2018

The Bucharest Harp Festival will begin at 9:30 am, marking the opening of CAMAC Harps and Papfalvy Harps-Hàrfamives Exhibitions.
With the support of our main sponsor “Camac-Harps”, the Opening Recital of the Bucharest Harp Festival 2018, will be performed by the virtuoso harpist Chantal Mathieu and will include a very attractive program of French and Spanish music from the late Romantic Era until today.
The Opening Recital will be preceded by a short recital of the Harps Ensemble (arround 20 concert harps and celtic harps), with harpists from all over the country, featuring a specially orchestrated program for the Harps Ensemble by Mladen Spasinovici. (at 6 p.m.)

Saturday, 27th of October, 2018

In the second day of the Harp Festival we will listen with joy some of the most talented harpists within the cultural-educational program “Young Expectations”, (at 10:30 a.m.). Thereafter will follow 3 Masterclasses of professors Chantal Mathieu, Maria Bîldea and Viktor Hartobanu.
In the afternoon of October 27th, we will continue with two recitals performed by two important Romanian harpists, Miruna Vidican and Ionela Brădean, the latter forming a duo with Gabriela Petecilă (flute). (at 4 p.m.)
The evening of October 27th will be a special one. For the first time, Maestro Ion Ivan-Roncea will perform together with his daughters, Ioana Nicolescu (harp) and Ștefana Ivan-Roncea (violin). A unique trio with a lovely program. (at 7 p.m.)

Sunday, 28th October, 2018

The last day of the Festival will begin with “The string and its surroundings” Workshop on maintenance of the harp, supported by luthier and technician Papfalvy Ferenc, followed by a “Harpa Rediviva” Lecture held by Chantal Mathieu. (at 10:00 a.m.)
The afternoon of October 28th we shall have the pleasure to listen recitals by Iuliana Bolgari (harp) and Rozalia Pataki (harp), followed by duo Cell’Arpa: Roxana Moișanu (harp) and Mladen Spasinovici (cello), with an interesting national premiere program recital, together with Rafael Butaru (violin), Cătălina Cîrciu (violin), Cătălina Filipescu (viola), Iulian Ochescu (piano). (at 5:15 p.m.)
The Closing Recital of the Harp Festival 2018 will be performed by the remarkable harpist Maria Bîldea, who will enchanted us, together with Marilena Dori (flute). (at 7 p.m.)

We look forward to see you at the Bucharest Harp Festival, CAMAC Harps Exhibition and “Papfalvy Harps-Hàrfamives” Exhibition, which will be hosted by the National University of Music Bucharest. Free entrance.

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